Running since 1946, Brighton and Hove Boxing Gym is an outstanding boxing facility, located in the King Alfred complex. Many a Champion has walked through its doors including Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr, Marvin Hagler… to name a few.

More recently there has been a new expansion, with a brand new room built creating more space to train. Whilst the gym is primarily a boxing gym created for amateur boxers and their coaching teams, BHBT are firm believers that the facilities should be available for everyone, regardless of age, ability or experience and as such has enlisted the services of first class coaches who have the experience to assist anyone, whether professional, amateur or those that just want to box for fitness to achieve their goals.

We are a registered charity providing training and coaching to people of all age groups and abilities within the Brighton and Hove area. We rely on donations to maintain the facilities and would love your support.

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We Live To Help Train You

Boxing has been Scott Welch’s life, and now he lives to help others find their path through boxing with its many benefits:

  • Discipline

  • Self-confidence

  • Fitness

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Independence

  • Amateur Boxing

  • Pro Boxing

  • Adaptive Boxing

  • Youths

  • Little Champs

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Amateur Boxing

Pro Boxing

Adaptive Boxing

Amateur boxing is a life skill. It teaches sacrifice, self-discipline and wellbeing. Boxing works on more than your physical fitness, it will improve overall body strength, cardio-vascular health and hand-eye co-ordination,  but more than that, you can improve your mental wellbeing, reducing stress, improving sleep and confidence while joining an inclusive community.

We can help you realise your dream of becoming a professional boxer.

Any aspiring professional boxer must be willing to reach his or her maximum fitness potential. It requires motivation, sacrifice and discipline to become a professional boxer. Our coaches are proud to have trained a number of professional boxers, leading them to many victories. We are dedicated to providing the same to anyone serious about becoming a professional boxer.

We believe everyone should be able to access sport.

The Safer Adaptive Boxing Programme has been designed to remove barriers and to provide people of every ability access to safe and high-quality boxing training.

We strive to increase accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in the world of boxing. The coaches teaching this programme are trained in The Safer Adaptive Boxing Coaches Programme to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the anatomical and social impacts of various disabilities, in addition to practical knowledge of how to train people experiencing all disabilities.

Boxing Fitness

Youth Boxing

Little Champs

Improve your fitness and your boxing skills. Learn an array of punches, techniques, combinations, footwork, defensive work and much more! Improve co-ordination, cardio-vascular and overall body strength with out range of boxing fitness classes. Boxing specific conditioning exercises to push you to your individual limit while honing your boxing skills.

Boxing isn’t just about physical activity, it is a martial art and has many key benefits for children and young adults who are looking to improve fitness, learn self-discipline and independence. Our youth boxing programmes have been developed to help young people who want to learn the skill of boxing to learn life skills that will reach far beyond the art of boxing.

We believe that all children should have access to regular sports. When kids get moving, they have the chance to develop strength, coordination, social skills, increased attention and emotional regulation. Our Little Champs classes engage kids in safe and fun boxing training. More than anything, we want children to be excited about sports and motivated to get involved.

“ To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.”



Scott Welch
Scott WelchChairman
Scott first walked through the doors of Brighton & Hove ABC when he was 16 he picked up an array of Amateur titles including the prestigious Senior Heavyweight ABA Title. Following that he had a very successful Professional career , winning the British Heavyweight Champion , Commonwealth & WBC International Title He was a World Title Heavyweight contender to add to his CV!
Since his retirement, Scott set up the charity for the club and works tirelessly in the club and the wider community introducing many successful initiatives. He is also Chairman of WBC Cares UK, working to make boxing accessible to all.
Anthony Brown
Anthony BrownVice Chairman
Anthony was introduced to the club 30 years ago, by his Uncle Scott. His passion for the club and the sport of boxing is unrivalled.

There isn’t a day that goes by where Anthony doesn’t visit the club either coaching and giving expert advice to both the Junior and Senior members or in his capacity as Professional trainer and part of the Chris Eubank Jr Team and Tommy Welch Team.

When Anthony is not in the club he is running his own very successful FitLab empire – take a look at his website you will be blown away www.fitlab.uk

Matt Etherington
Matt EtheringtonFitness Coach & Mentor
Matt is a huge asset to the club and is extremely dedicated – He is a fitness and nutritionist expert. He is our club’s Manager, responsible for the day to day running, activities and various timetables, boxing shows and events.
You can’t get better than having a former Royal Marine running the show!
Tommy Welch
Tommy WelchPro Boxer
Following in his father’s footsteps, Tommy started as an amateur having had 38 fights with 29 wins. He has won a plethora of titles, including four National titles, a Junior ABAs, Three Nations titles on three occasions, two NABCs and the Haringey Cup – now he has turned professional, with a winning record so far and we look forward to supporting his journey. Tommy trains in our gym daily – when he’s not training he can often be found coaching and giving advice to the amateurs and adaptive members. Tommy is our Mental Health Champion.
Chris Middleton
Chris MiddletonHead of Adaptive Team
Chris’ passion for boxing started in the Army where he fought not only for his country but also for his regiment in the boxing ring.

He joined our team 2 years ago he’s an England Boxing coach and head of our adaptive team.

His enthusiasm and excitement for the sport is passed on to everyone he coaches and he is an asset to our team.


Achieve Your Goals

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